An introduction to digital photography workshop (voucher)

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One-to-one workshop on the basics of digital photography.

Who is it for?

This workshop is aimed at those who wish to improve upon their photography and get to grips with the basics of their camera. To get the best out of this session, it is recommended you get in touch to discuss what you want to achieve, be it portraits, landscapes, street photographer or just a general introduction of what you can do with your camera.

Where does it take place?

As Colin D Miller Photography is based in south west London, this workshop can take place within a 10-15 mile radius of Sutton. There's many picturesque locations within that range, including the Surrey Hills, Banstead Woods and The City of London. The location really depends on what YOU want to achieve from your images.

How long is it?

Approximately 2-3 hours.

When is it?

Like all things, it is subject to availability. But get in touch and we can both arrange a time and date to suit us.

Do I need a camera?

Yes, you will need a camera. It doesn't matter what make or model, but a DSLR or compact camera is recommended.

What will the workshop cover?

Among the various topics which will be covered, you can expect to learn the basics about:

  • Metering – aperture, shutter speed and ISO; aka, the exposure triangle
  • White balance
  • Composure – what is the rule of thirds work? What is my foreground? What is my background?
  • Lenses – how do they work and what do I need to achieve my shot?
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