Doing a tenenbaums

For photographers, the most difficult part of a wedding day is easily when you’re doing the group portraits.

You barely know anyone, most people would rather just get on with mingling and you’ve got precious little time to achieve the shot you need to get.

So it’s quite refreshing when you get a couple that enthusiastically come to you with an idea, and it’s even better when the people involved are more than happy to contribute to that shot.

At Helen and Mike’s wedding, they asked if I could take a photograph of them with their friends, while they posed like the Tenenbaums – the disfunctional family from Wes Anderson’s 2001 film, The Royal Tenenbaums. For those not familiar with the film, on the poster they all just stand there with their expressionless faces staring gormlessly at the camera (with the exception of Gene Hackman, who is quite pleased to be there).

It was not an easy shot to achieve, more in part because it must’ve been difficult for everyone in the shot not to smirk or break out laughing at one point or another. I had my camera set to continuous mode, meaning it must’ve fired off around 6 frames per second and the shot above was the only one where everyone held the required expression. So kudos to you all if you’re reading this and thanks.

Doing a tenenbaums

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