Holding on

This shot was taken from the first wedding I shot during 2014.

Taken during the wedding ceremony of Mr and Mrs Holder, the shot is of their daughter holding Mrs Holders hand.

It got dark fairly quickly and I found it quite difficult at times to get a number of shots in focus. Initially, I considered this one for the cutting room floor and I was not going to include it when showing the client, but after some consideration I decided to have another look at it in Adobe Lightroom.

I changed the picture from colour to black and white, and then played around with the levels and contrast to get the image you can now see below. Nothing particularly clever, but a simple change that elevated the photograph to another level.

Mrs Holder later told me that this was one of her favourites from the day and looking at it now, I can appreciate the picture from a whole different perspective.

If anything, the photograph taught me to always consider my work from a clients point of view and not to get too hung-up on technical issues and limitations.

For those reasons, it’s quite an important photo for me.

Holding on

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