This shot was taken during Alan and Gemma’s wedding in Belmont, Surrey.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. So after several weddings and a lot of editing, I figured now was a good time to revisit some of my favourite images from last year.

I’m always amazed at the mayhem that proceeds wedding ceremonies and the amount of effort everyone puts in.

This image of Gemma, is perhaps one of the best examples of the chaos that surrounds the bride during the wedding preparations.

The photograph was taken when she was having her hair done. And if I remember correctly, the make-up artist had just finished back-combing it. And naturally, after such a procedure, her hair is everywhere.

However, what makes the image work for me is Gemma’s face, slightly off from the centre and in perfect focus. She is cooly composed, relaxed and has total faith in the make-up artist at work.


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Personal Favourite: At the chapel

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A quirky and fun snap from Victoria and Julius’ Shoreditch wedding.

Pulling faces

Sophie pulling a silly face at Jen and Adam’s wedding.

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